Watershed Water Quality Assessment (WQA) is an overview of the water quality and health of the waterbody that is being tested. The District and the Water Quality Coordinating Committee (WQCC) prioritizes a list of watersheds for assessment. Each year the District chooses one watershed for a complete year-long, holistic analysis of the watershed to identify suspected pollution sources and critical areas of concerns that need to be address. If funding allows, the District maintains a single-point sampling assessment across multiple watersheds to provide a continuation of the baseline data records. Watershed WQA examines various criteria for each sample in addition to the actual visual inspection of the stream or waterbody. Criteria commonly observed are nitrogen, phosphorus, total suspended solids, and dissolved oxygen concentrations as well as turbidity, and flow.

Clyde River Tributaries Watershed Assessment (PDF)
Fairville Creek Watershed Assessment (PDF)
Lower Ganargua Watershed Assessment (PDF)
Red Creek East Watershed Assessment (PDF)
Red Creek West Watershed Assessment (PDF)
Upper Ganargua Creek Watershed Assessment (PDF)
Lower Ganargua Creek Watershed Assessment (PDF)

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