Wayne County Soil and Water Staff

 Lindsey District Manager
Lindsey M. Gerstenslager
Email: Lindsey@wayneNYswcd.org
Conservation Secretary/Treasurer
Bethany Comella
Email: Bethany@wayneNYswcd.org

Ron District Technician, Agricultural Planner
Ron Thorn
Email: Ron@wayneNYswcd.org
ian District Technician, AEM Specialist
Ian Priestley
Email: Ian@wayneNYswcd.org
 Chris District Technician, Soil Resource Specialist
Chris Hotto
Email: Chris@wayneNYswcd.org
 Scott District Technician, Water Resource Specialist
Scott DeRue
Email: Scott@wayneNYswcd.org
 Terry District Technician, Agricultural Implementer
Terry Reynolds

District Technician, Program Specialist
Drew Starkey
Email: Drew@wayneNYswcd.org
(315) 946-7200


Conservation Public Relations Specialist
Maxine Appleby

Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District
7312 RT 31 Lyons, NY 14489
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