Did you know the District offers services for landowners and municipalities?

Please use one of the applications below to make a request. If you have photos, you can add them to the form.

Online Landowner Assistance Form  (LAP)- Fill Out online and submit

Municipal Assistance Form (MAP) – Fill Out online and submit

Other Permitting Resources

Joint Application Form

CEHA Managment Permit Program

SHPA Review Request

US Army Corps – Permitting Office

NYS DEC Permitting Office

SPDES Permits

Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Planning Guide 

Agricultural Permits

Beaver Permit Assistance – $20.00

Permitting Assistance – $125.00
Includes up to 2 site visits and filing of the DEC/USACE Joint Application

  • Additional Site Visits – $20.00
  • Additional Map with Design – $20.00

Basic Topography Survey – $30.00/hr

Land Map or Topography Map – $6.50/map

We can provide New York State and Federal Wetland maps, Soil Survey maps and Topographical Quadrangles. The District is equipped with the most up to date aerial photography as well as the latest Geographical Information System (GIS) software and data, making natural resource planning and maps user friendly for all who are involved.

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