Wayne County in partnership with the New York State REDI program has committed to working together on addressing resiliency shoreline issues and has been in the process of choosing priority projects across the County since June 2019.

The below resource guide give a full review of the projects that were chosen for the County.

Wayne County Project Profiles

Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District is working in collaboration with the County as a general contractor to address shoreline resiliency needs for the Port Bay Barrier Bar System and the Blind Sodus Bay Bluff and Barrier Bar System.  Crescent Beach is being facilitated by Wayne County Public Works Superintendent, Kevin Rooney. We have connected the website to the District website as ease of accessing information on three similar projects. For more information please visit: CRESCENT BEACH PROJECT

Program Goals & Process:

The NYS REDI Commission has laid out milestones to aid every project in success. For more information on the process of this program, click here: Project Implementation Guidance for Local Project Owners

These two projects have been reviewed and a 10% Professional Engineering Report (PER) was submitted to the REDI Commission on February 14, 2020 in conjunction with O’Brien & Gere/Ramboll team. These two reports were reviewed by the varying State and Federal Partners to address the needs of current shoreline regulation, gaps of information needed and potential opportunities for the project. These are not complete engineering designs or plans for either of these projects.

This initial PER is meant to guide the continued design and research process for these projects which will continue in the coming months/years. Both the Port Bay Improvement Association and the Blind Sodus Bay Improvement Association will be working collaboratively to continue the outreach to the general membership.