Welcome to the Soil and Water Conservation District. We serve as a local agency prepared to manage and conserve the soil, water and natural resources of Wayne County.


Wayne County Ag Districts

Are you located in an Ag District? The agricultural assessment program allows eligible farmland owners to receive real property assessments based on the value of their land for agricultural production rather than on its development value. Any assessed value which exceeds the equalized agricultural assessment on the land may qualify for a reduced tax assessment.


Locally grown bare-root stock is a great way to get started at very reasonable prices, and with over 50 varieties of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants to choose you can choose from evergreen trees, deciduous trees and shrub, berry bushes, ground covers, woodland ferns, perennial seeds, conservation packs. Start by visiting the Fovever Green Tree Shrub sale page Orders with payment, accepted through Friday, March 5, 2021. All major credit cards are accepted.


Seeder Till Drill for rental.  The drill has a planting width of 10’ with 7’’ row spacing.  Great Plains Model 1006NT. $50 delivery/set-up fee + $15/acre Contact Chris Hotto chris@WayneNYswcd.org
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