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2023 Envirothon Current Issue

      Key Topic 1: Factors contributing to Climate Change in New York
  1.  Climate Literacy
  2. America’s Climate Choices          
  3. What We Know
      Key Topic 2: Measuring and Monitoring Climate Change and the forecast for New York’s future

  1. Climate Change in NYS-An Overview
  2. Climate Change NY
  3.  Responding to Climate Change in New York Report – “see below for the individual chapters” 
  4.  Responding to Climate Change in New York Report-Update
      Key Topic 3: Risks and Impacts to Natural Resources and Communities in New York from a Changing Climate
  1. Farming Success in an Uncertain Climate
  2. Climate Smart Communities
  3. Challenges and Opportunities in NY Municipalities
      Key Topic 4: New York Policies and programs for adapting to a Changing Climate
Responding to Climate Change in New York State (ClimAID)
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