Great Plains Model 1006NT. $50 delivery/set-up fee + $15/acre

The District was awarded a Eco System Based Management grant to approach Soil Health Conservation with local farms through New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets. This grant provided funding to make this conservation no-till drill available to any landowner to implement conservation on their land.

The District is making this equipment available to you through appointment. The unit is a pull style with a working width of 10’ and requires approximately a 70 hp tractor to run it. It has a main seed box with a 25 bushel capacity and a native seed box with a 10 bushel capacity, it has  a planting width of 10’ with 7’’ row spacing. The drill is equipped with three seed boxes to plant a wide variety of seeds. The first seed box has adjustable seed cups to plant most cool season grasses, small grains, peas, and beans. The second box is equipped with an agitator for warm season grasses and wildflowers. The third box is the small seed box specially designed for seeds such as clover, timothy, alfalfa, etc. The drill does a great job on no-till and conventional till fields and works well for over seeding pastures, and hay fields. The machine is ideal for many conservation projects, cover crops, pasture renovations and food plots.  The drill can be delivered or picked up.


Watch the video below.

Contact: Ian Priestley or Chris Hotto at our office (315) 946-7200