43-47 Perennial Flower Pack


Perennial Flowering Pack – Dream Baby & Frances Fay Daylily, Blue King & Snow Queen Iris, Autumn Joy Sedum.
43. Daylily ‘Dream Baby’Hemerocallis – Early-mid season bloom . Flower is 3.5″ with peach colored petals accented by a pink ring around a green throat . Grows up to 18″ tall.
44. Iris ‘Blue King’ Sibirica – 28-35″ plant with a light blue flower blooming early throughout June. Deer resistant.
45. Iris ‘Snow Queen’ Sibirica – 18-24″ pure white flower with yellow centers. Blooms late spring-early summer. Wet tolerant and deer resistant.
46. Daylily ‘Francis Fay’ Hemerocallis – melony yellow. 24″.
47. Daylily Stella Dora, light orange to deep autumn Clump 24″

    $18 / Pack. Each pack has 10 plants, 2 of each species/ variety.
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