43-47 Perennial Flowering Pack


Perennial (42) Daylilly Dream (43)Baby, Iris Blue King, Day, (44) Iris ‘Snow Queen’, (45) Daylilly Stella De Oro, (46) Autumn Daylily ‘Apricot Beauty.

    $18 / Pack. Each pack has 10 plants, 2 of each species/ variety.

Product Description

Perennial Flowering Pack – Dream Baby Daylily, Blue King, DayLily Stella De Oro, Autumn Daylily ‘Apricot Beauty.
43. Daylily ‘Dream Baby’Hemerocallis – Early-mid season bloom . Flower is 3.5″ with peach colored petals accented by a pink ring around a green throat . Grows up to 18″ tall.
44. Iris ‘Blue King’ Sibirica – 28-35″ plant with a light blue flower blooming early throughout Jun e. Deer resistant.
45. Iris ‘Snow Queen’ Sibirica – 18-24″ pure white flower with yellow centers. Blooms late spring-early summer. Wet tolerant and deer resistant.
46. Daylily ‘Stella De Oro’ Hemerocallis – Full sun starting with broccoli-like heads in July come abundantly 6″ pale pink flower clusters, turning salmon-rose, then burnt red and finally bronze 24″.
47. Daylily ‘Apricot Beauty’ Hemerocallis Large 5.5″ flowers with an apricot base with darker red pink circle in the middle fading to back to yellow . Grows to 24-30″ high with continued blooming from June to July

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