InFocus Conservation No-Till

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The progressive planting process readies the soil for new tree planting. before an apple orchard

This week’s InFocus features Conservation No-Till and the District’s No-Till Drill Rental program. 

Pictured is a farm that uses a progressive planting process that readies the soil for new tree planting. The row of radish is planted where future trees will be planted and will reduce compaction, allow future tree roots to reach further in the soil for water, and reduce nitrates in the soil, reducing the odds of excess nutrients from running to nearby waterways.

One big field of a cover crops, radish will reduce compaction and improve drainage

The Sorghum-Sudangrass seen in the image suppresses weeds, provides cover and protection again erosion, and is an excellent source of organic matter when planning for future orchards.

Local crop farmer plants a mix of oats, radish, and peas to improve soil health. The radish will reduce compaction and improve drainage while the oats provide weed suppression and uptake of excess nutrients. Peas are a great source of nitrogen and organic matter. All three provide protection against erosion throughout the winter season.

The District’s No-Till Drill is a pull-style with a working width of 10’ and requires approximately a 70 hp tractor to run it. It has the main seedbox with a 25-bushel capacity and a native seedbox with a 10-bushel capacity. The machine is ideal for many conservation projects, cover crops, pasture renovations, and food plots.

Rent the Seeder / Tiller Drill $15/ Acre + $50 Set Up Fee

For more information Contact: Ian Priestley  (315) 946-7200

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