The Water Quality Coordinating Committee (WQCC) is responsible for defining county water quality priorities and strategies. Membership includes representatives from county planning and health agencies, Environmental Management Councils (EMCs), regional planning councils, Farm Service Agencies (FSAs), Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), municipalities, environmental organizations, citizens groups, and lake associations. Representatives of regional New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), NYS Department of Transportation (DOT), United States Geological Service (USGS), New York State Association of Regional Councils (NYSARC), and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offices often participate.

Mission Statement

Provide a forum for the coordination of agencies and organizations involved in water resources management and planning in Wayne County in order to protect and improve the water quality and quantity of the County’s water resources. Provide a multidisciplinary approach to water resources planning and management within Wayne County. Provide a more efficient use of the limited resources available for water resource planning and management through coordination of a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency effort. Cooperate with other regional committees on water resource issues which cross county municipal boundaries.

  • Make recommendations on new water quality policies, strategies, and structure
  • Make decisions on Finger Lakes – Lake Ontario Watershed Protection Alliance (FL-LOWPA) project priorities
  • Make decisions on grant proposal priorities
  • Review and approve WQCC mission and vision and work plan
  • Public education about water quality initiatives

Contact: Wayne County Water Quality Coordinating Committee 7312 RT 31 Lyons, NY 14489
c/o Wayne Co. SWCD: Scott DeRue
Chairman: Ed Leroux

Board members:

  • Vice Chairman: Ora Rothfuss, WC Planning
  • Treasurer: Beth Claypoole, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wayne County
  • Kenneth Miller, WC Board of Supervisors
  • Lindsey Gerstenslager, Secretary
  • Kevin Rooney, Wayne County Public Works Dept.
  • Mark Humbert, WC SWCD Board of Directors
  • Jayme Breschard, Regional Planning
  • Ed Leroux, Wayne County Resident, Member at Large


Advisory Membership Includes:

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Voting Members:

Soil & Water Conservation District – Scott DeRue

Wayne County Board of Supervisors – Kenneth Miller

Cornell Cooperative Extension – Elizabeth Claypoole

Planning – Ora Rothfuss or Brett DeRoo

Water & Sewer Authority – Jason Monroe

County Highway – Kevin Rooney

At-Large – Edward Leroux

Regional Planning – Jayme Breschard

Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Directors – Mark Humbert

Advisory Members:

Secretary/Treasurer – Lindsey M. Gerstenslager

NYS DEC, Region 8 –

Bay Associations


Port Bay (PBIA)

East Bay (EBIA)

Blind Sodus Bay (BSBIA)

Wayne County Tourism & Promotion –




Farm Bureau-

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