Tree Tube Kit


Tree Tubes, also known as tree shelters or tree protectors, turn seedlings into healthy, fast growing trees in less time & with less work!

Tree Tubes protect tree seedlings from animal browsing and “buck rub”, accelerate growth & increase survival rates – It’s like giving each seedling its own mini-greenhouse. They shield seedlings from herbicide and mowers, for faster, easier weed control (which further accelerates growth)

Tree Tubes save time & money- No more wasted effort, no more wasted years planting over and over again, only to have your seedlings eaten by deer, scorched by drought or smothered by competing vegetation.

4-5 feet tall and about 6 inches in diameter when assembled.


Please Note: All conservation items must be picked up from our office in Lyons, NY. We do not offer shipping for these materials. This includes bird & bat habitat boxes, tree tubes, fertilizer tablets, marking flags, watering bags, and other related items. A processing fee will be deducted from all refunds.

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