How-Bar Farms participates in AEM program

How- Bar Farms, is owned and operated by Scott Albrecht. This generational farm is one year away from a centennial status. In the farming world that is a huge accomplishment and honor. It is our greatest pleasure to assist owner and operator Scott Albrecht with installation of water quality best management practices (BMP) that will not only improve the environment but also assist him with herd health and management of daily operations.

The How- Bar Farms 60 cow milking facility will have updates both on the heifer barnyard and main barnyard to improve stormwater management and ground water management within the Canandaigua Outlet watershed.

AEM-How- Bar-Farm-before-1

How Bar Farms – Barnyard before implementation

AEM-How- Bar-Farm-after-2

How Bar Farms Barnyard after impementation

AEM-How- Bar-Farm-before-loading-1

How Bar Farms Manure loading area before implementation

AEM-How- Bar-Farm-new-loading-2

How Bar Farms new manure loading area after implementation

Scott Albrecht actively participated through the planning, design and implementation of the project. He shared, “This is a great program, for not only the landowner, but also the benefit of the environment. It was great to have worked with such knowledgeable people.”

Best Management Practices are Barnyard Water Management System, Heavy Use Protection Area, and Laneway/Access Road for the Main Farm.

The Water Quality Impacts:

• Reduced nutrient runoff from on farm sources
• Mitigation of storm water to animal living areas
• Filtering of water before it leaves farm area

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