Counting Down to a Conservation New Year, Shop Local!

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What’s your New Year’s resolution? Make 2021 a Conservation New Year?

Let’s start by shopping locally.

When we buy from independent, locally owned businesses a significantly greater portion of our money is then recycled back through our local economy — to make purchases from our friends’ businesses, to aid our neighbors in need, and to support our local farms , when you personally know the people behind the business where you’re buying local products and services, you enjoy a connection you would not otherwise have.— ultimately strengthening the base of our whole community. One added benefit; shopping local conserves energy and resources, for example; less gas for travel. Additionally, local businesses often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.

Here are a few examples of buying local:

  • Purchasing locally grown Christmas Trees and handmade wreaths support our farmers and is good for the environment
  • Buy locally farmed and butchered meat and poultry, there are many producers in the area
  • Gift certificates from local restaurants, especially this year, when many local businesses have limited capacity, a gift certificate supports their future
  • Homemade cookies and fresh apple and pumpkin pies from local merchants, many small, family-owned bakeries buy ingredients and various products from other local businesses
  • Fingerlakes wines are considered some of the best in the world many producers have websites to order
  • Honey and honey products, Wayne County is home to many beekeepers
  • CSA certificates, many sustainable farms have Community-Supported Agriculture programs, why not purchase for a friend?
  • Pottery and craft items, ask friends and neighbors for local artisans, many work from their homes, and even sell on Etsy!
  • Alpaca products are warm — consider a local farm for those hats and scarfs
  • Purchase a Forever Green Tree & Shrub sale gift certificate! for 2021

If you are on Facebook, visit Find your Farmer in Western NY or for NY Grown and Certified producers visit NYS Ag & Markets

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