Raes Dairy Farm

Chuck Raes operates a fourth generation organic dairy farm, milking approximately 50 cows and raising another 20 head of young stock. The farm is located in the Town of Arcadia, adjacent to Lower Ganargua Creek. Chuck is conservation minded and has always wanted to decrease the amount of polluted runoff from his farm to help improve the quality of water in Ganargua Creek.

Previously, a large drumlin above the farm produced runoff that ran directly into the barnyard. In addition, roof runoff from several buildings contributed to significant amounts of clean water flowing into the barnyard. Chuck worked with the Wayne County SWCD to identify Best Management Practices (BMPs) that would reduce runoff.

Before Implementation

The Wayne SWCD was successful in obtaining a grant under the New York State Agricultural Nonpoint Source Abatement and Control Program (Ag NPS) that covered a portion of the costs to correct the problems. Clean water was excluded from the barnyard through the collection and disposal of all roof water and a diversion was constructed above the barn to intercept surface runoff. The water from these areas resulted in the need for a 24-inch culvert under the adjacent road. This water had previously been contaminated when mixed with the manure in the barnyard. A concrete pad was constructed for the barnyard where the effluent from this pad is collected and transferred to a vegetated treatment area.

After Implementation

Construction of these practices controls nutrient, pathogen, and sediment runoff, ultimately resulting in improved water quality in Ganargua Creek.
The farm has also been active in the community promoting good watershed management and Best Management Practices to help improve water quality in other areas of Wayne County and surrounding areas.

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