Weekly Water Awareness Conditions Report 7-8-2021

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Conditions Report

Due to sporadic wind and weather events, all of the 6 Wayne County embayments are experiencing several natural but hindering occurrences in their waterways. These occurrences include:

  1. Natural breakoff of aged vegetation “weed” stands which is causing floating weed mats. The intensity of the winds on the water will help to break these weed mats up and recycle them to the system, however, if they get caught in docking areas or in-between boats or other recreational vehicles they will likely just stay there.
    1. Best course of action is to rake/remove the individual mats so they do not cause additional algae development in the shallower waters around your waterfront.
  2. Turbidity of the water is normal during higher wind and wave events which will settle out about 24 hours after the storm. This is helpful because it is a mixing of the water columns and will aid in nutrient uptake from plant releases.
  3. Cladophora are nutrient releases from the substrate (soil) from the waterbody completing a nutrient cycle. (a turn over) These smelly blobs float around for about 72 hours in normal conditions before recycling to the bottom and refueling vegetation stands.

Water levels are remaining consistent at the 2.45.17-245.21 levels on the Lake this week but are still impacted by the winds from the Southwest and Northeastern storms earlier in the weekend. Due to the increased lower waters, despite the relative consistent Lake Levels, the bays each saw a 2-3 inch decrease over the entire waterbody from week (7/1) to week (7/7). This is likely a related impact due to vegetation break off and wind.

The water levels on all of the bays and Pultneyville Harbor saw periodic changes in water levels closest to their tributaries for about 24 hours after storms go through the area.

Why is it important to note the weather upland from your waterfront? Because this can aid you in planning for changes in the water, and as the season goes on, some additional water support for removing boats, rafts etc.

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