The  Pond Stocking Program Fish Sale has Ended. Thank you for your orders! Sign up below to be notifed of the next date, or call 315-946-7200

Tips for successfully transporting your fish:

–    You must bring your own container filled with water FROM YOUR POND. Using water from the tap can shock your fish!

–   Cold water holds more oxygen. If you are able to, fill your container immediately before coming to pick up your fish. Otherwise, place a  bag of ice inside your container to keep the water cold. Keep the ice inside the bag!

–   Coolers or clean garbage cans work well for containers. Use a trash bag as a liner and make sure to bring a lid.

–   We recommend bringing 15-20 gallons of water. 20 gallons is suggested for every 6 grass carp, 30 catfish, 500 minnows, or 100  bass/crappie/bluegill.

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