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WHEREAS, Drumlin View Farms, operated by the Hill Family on High Street Road in the Town of Galen consist of 275 acres of property, the majority utilized for rotational grazing of their milking cows and growing of corn and hay to feed their herd; and

 WHEREAS, Drumlin View Farms milks approximately 80 cows and grow their own replacement stock while consistently working to minimize their impact on Black Brook and limit damage to the aquatic life and recreational uses of this stream and the waterways it flows into; and

WHEREAS, the Hill Family has participated in the implementation of several farm management plans to keep their dairy farm on the forefront of conservation in working with neighboring farms to carry out crop rotation, crop cover, manure sharing, natural resource sharing and best management practices implementation; and

 WHEREAS, both Daniel ad Donna Hill and their children Jeff and Jenna have worked to update their Certified Nutrient Management Plan in an effort to help guide the farm for management of rotation of crops, effective manure application for crop production and management of other natural resource issues; and

 WHEREAS, the Hill Family has worked in partnership with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, USDA Farm Service Agency and the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District to further the benefits of land stewardship and conservation implementation, while managing their farm and providing a higher quality herd and looking out for the health of the environment; now, therefore, be it

 RESOLVED, that the Wayne County Board of Supervisors acknowledges and congratulates the Hill Family as the 2017 Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Conservation Farm of the Year because of their dedication and commitment to protect and conserve the quality of our agricultural community. 


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