North Centenary Road Project:

This was a new project in the Town of Sodus and was about .7 miles in length. The project was completed because several landowners were experiencing severe flooding because the stream channel had become completely filled in with sediment in sections due to fallen trees. Work consisted of clearing an access path along the creek, as well as cleaning out and reshaping the channel to allow proper flow. We also replaced two culvert crossing that were in poor condition. After the project was complete we hydro-seeded all disturbed areas to stabilize and reduce erosion.

Sodus Middle Sodus Drainage Basin

This culvert crossing is a pinch point as part of a 12 mile drainage channel. It had been severely undersized, sedimented in and broken down over years of equipment and animal traffic. The District was able to assist in with flooding for many farm fields, pastures and landowners by clearing the debris that has accumulated over time and resize the culverts for adequate flow during peak flow situations.

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