The Agriculture Advisory Committee was formed to guide the agriculture program in Wayne County. The committee assists the Wayne County SWCD in implementing its AEM program. The committee also interacts, complements, and addresses the efforts of other groups such as:

  • Water Quality Coordinating Committee
  • Farmland Preservation Board
  • USDA Farm Bill Programs with FSA and NRCS
  • Local watershed organizations (Save Our Sodus, Port Bay Improvement Association, East Bay Improvement Association, and Save Our Clyde River)
  • County Planning Department
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Lake Ontario Coastal Initiative
  • NYS Ag & Markets
  • Private consultants and professional engineers
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Other agri-business groups
  • Local Municipalities

The committee meets on a quarterly basis to review progress, provide input from designated specialties, evaluate accomplishments, and provide recommendations to improve the AEM program. Committee members are assigned specific responsibilities based on partnerships, skills, and capacity. Presently, members are assisting with developing outreach and education materials and efforts to support the AEM program. These efforts include newsletter articles, media contacts, displays/presentations at meetings and seminars, and personal contact with neighbor farmers.

Current Members

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