Watershed Mini Grants support Community Infrastructure Available Now!

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Watershed Mini Grants support Community Infrastructure Available Now!

Applications for cost share funding opportunities as part of Wayne County Water Quality Coordinating Committee’s (WQCC) Watershed Mini Grant Program is now available. In 2014, Assemblyman Robert C. Oaks, requested funds specifically for Wayne County to work on local water quality issues through the District and the WQCC. With more and more watershed issues that keep occurring in Wayne County, it is a responsibility to all of the community members to play a role in protection of the land and water resources for this generation to enjoy and the next. With leaderships in the County focusing on community development and preservation, it is important for each of us to take part in those efforts. Assemblyman Robert C. Oaks has set the precedent for taking action in your own home by helping obtain funding assistance for Watershed Mini Grants. He hopes that together, we can provide protection of water quality in this County and it will thrive for many years to come.

In the attached application are descriptions of what programs are available for the 2015 Watershed Mini Grant Season. There are three various categories.
Categories are:
1. Septic Repair & Maintenance or Sewer Hookup
2. Community Green Infrastructure Projects
3. Municipal Community Projects in relation to Stormwater Management.


Please see the description in the application for further details. First round of applications are due July 15, 2015 so they can be reviewed at the July WQCC meeting. If all the money is not allocated in the first round, the second round will be due September 15, 2015. Please get your applications in to the District as soon as possible. Any other questions*, please contact Lindsey M. Gerstenslager at wayneswcd1@rochester.rr.com or at our office at 315.946.4136.
*If you have a project and you are not sure if it qualifies. Please get in touch.

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