Spring Fish Sale has ended

Spring Fish Sale has ended
Thank you for your orders! Pick up May 11th 8338 Ridge Road, Sodus, NY14551


fatheadFlat Head Minnows $20.00/ 1 lb (Appx. 150)

 Adult fathead minnows average 2-3 inches in length The fathead’s prolific nature will help to produce an abundant  food supply for the game fish in your pond.


large_mouth_bassLargemouth Bass 3″-5″ $30.00 / 10

The largest member of the sunfish family, they   average 8-17 inches long and reach weights in excess of 10 pounds. Largemouth bass inhabit the warm weedy areas of lakes and ponds   and will flourish in all but the very coldest ponds.




perchYellow Perch 3″-5″ $30.00 / 10

The yellow perch is the most widely distributed member of the perch family and generally grow to 6-12 inches long. Yellow perch will occupy a variety of habitat, but prefer weedy, protected section of lakes, rivers and ponds. They provide an excellent food source for larger predator fish such as largemouth bass.


catfishCatfish 6″-8″ $30.00 / 10

Channel catfish grow well alone, with few disease problems, stocked at 100 to 150 per acre. When stocked alone, fish grow faster with supplemental feeding. Natural foods include decaying organic matter, plant material, crawfish, small fish, and insects. The relatively low stocking rate (100 to 150 per acre) ensures good growth to a harvestable size in a reasonably short time. You do not want to encourage catfish spawning because of potential crowding and disease problems.




Black Crappie 3″-5″ $35.00 / 10

Black crappies grow to 6-12 inches long. Crappies    prefer   clear, quiet areas of lakes and ponds. They do very well in   ponds that are stocked with bass.  They provide a food supply for larger  predator fish such as bass, and generally do not over populate when  bass are present.


grassCarpTriploid Grass Carp – (DEC permit required) $20.00 each

The grass carp is the largest member of the minnow family, often reaching weights in excess of 25 pounds.  Grass carp feed entirely on aquatic vegetation, and are commonly stocked in pond to control  aquatic vegetation. You MUST have a Grass Carp Stocking Permit prior to pickup.

Fish Food- 10 lb bag $15.00 each

Barley Straw Rolls $10.00 each

NYS Permit Information For Stocking Fish

If you would like to purchase Grass Carp, you MUST have a Grass Carp Stocking Permit prior to pickup. You can obtain an application by going to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) website or at the link below. The permit is free and its duration is from March 1st to November 30th. 

We also ask that you apply for your NYSDEC Fish Stocking Permit which is required to stock fish in any waterbody of 10 acres or more. The application can be found at the link below or on the NYSDEC’s website. You may also consider applying for the Farm Fish Pond License which is needed for ponds less than 10 acres. Both permits are free and last up to 5 years.

Permit Applications Links
Grass Carp
Fish Stocking Permit – Primarily for waterbodies larger than 10 acres
Farm Fish Pond License – For man-made ponds less than 10 acres

Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District
7312 RT 31 Lyons, NY 14489