Sodus Central Students Help Protect Sodus Bay

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sd-pic1Sodus Central Students 9-12 visited Sodus Point to help in the protection of Sodus Bay. The students permanently adhered stainless steel markers next to storm drains. Markers have a “Only Rain Down the Drain” message reminding citizens to keep our waterways clean. Stormwater runoff is rainwater that flows over land and directly into local creeks and eventually into water bodies. sd-pic3

Stormwater pollution finds its way into waterways where we fish, where we swim, and what we drink. Everything that goes down our storm drains like – pet waste, grass clippings, fertilizer, pesticides and litter eventually wind up in Sodus Bay.

Examples of Pollution in Stormwater

  • Nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen can promote the overgrowth of algae, deplete oxygen in the waterway and be harmful to other aquatic life.
  • Bacteria from animal wastes and illicit connections to sewerage systems can make nearby lakes and bays unsafe for wading, swimming and the propagation of edible fish.
  • Oil and grease from automobiles causes sheen and odor and makes transfer of oxygen difficult for aquatic organisms.
  • Sediment from construction activities clouds waterways and interferes with the habitat of living things that depend upon those waters.
  • Careless application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers affect the health of living organisms and cause ecosystem imbalances.
  • Litter damages aquatic life, introduces chemical pollution, and diminishes the beauty of our waterways.


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