Hazelnut (18″-24″)


Matures at 16’ tall by 13’ wide shrub. The plant produces edible nuts in late summer that can be roasted and eaten by people or left for wildlife to enjoy. Will begin producing nuts approximately 2-3 years after planting transplants. It grows well in partial shade to full sun and produces showy fall foliage with orange rose, purplish-red, yellow and green hues. Seedeaters, such as blue jays and woodpeckers, are attracted to this plant. The American Filbert is a multi-stemmed shrub with a rounded top and an open, often wide-spreading base. Because of its size, it is adapts well to naturalizing and other nonformal areas. It bears annual, abundant crops of small, sweet tasting nuts. The nuts are easy to crack and drop free of the husk when mature.

2023 Stock Size: 18″ – 24″

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