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Aquatic Ecology

I.Abiotic Factors
Water Science Basics, Watershed

II.Biotic Factors
Primers for Aquatic PlantsOrder, Order & Classification, Pond Stream, Eurasian Watermilfoil

III.Aquatic Environments
Threats to Wetlands, Wetland Types, Types of Wetland, Wetland Functions,
Benefits of Wetland for Amphibians & Reptiles, Lacustine, Palustine, Ranks Glossary, Riverine, Terrestrial System, Aquifers, Groundwater, Mgt. Fish Ponds In PA

IV.Water Protection and Conservation
Urban Runoff Fact SheetManaging NPS from AgricultureManaging NPS from HouseholdsClean Water ActWetland Regulation Authority

Additional Resources:
Aquatic Ecology
Aquatic Plants, Vegetation & Algae, Controlling Aquatic Vegetation, Identification, Use & Benefits of Aquatic Plants

Communities of NYS
Introduction, System Key

Pond Habitat
Aquatics Study Guide
Aquatic Ecology, Caddis, Macro Key, Macro Invertebrates (1), Macro Invertebrates (2), Macro Invertebrates (3), Marco Invertebrates (4)

NonPoint Source Pollution

After The Storm Buffer Fact Sheet

Economic Benefits of Wetlands Overview

Soils/Land Use


From The Surface Down, 4H Soil Handbook, Soil Biology, Soil Biodiversity,
Intro to Soil Quality

II. Characteristics
Master Horizons & Layers, Keys to Soil Taxonomy, Soil Formation and
Classification, Soil Compaction, Soil Carbon & Nitrogen, Soil Water, Soil Glue,
Soil Structure & Macropores, Assessing Soil Quality, Infiltration, Indicate,
Aggregate Stability, Organic Matter, Soil Crusts

III.Soil Surveys
Urban Soils Primer, How to use a Soil Survey

IV.Soil Interpretations
Water Quality and Agriculture, Soil Biology & Land Management

V.Erosion & Sedimentation
Building Soils for Better Crops, Understanding Soil Risks & Hazards,
Soil Quality Resource Concern-Soil Erosion, Conservation Crop Rotation,
Erosion On Construction Sites, Soil Quality Resource Concern-Soil Erosion,
Managing Soil Organic Matter, Effects of Soil Erosion

VI.Hydric Soils
Field Indicators, Hydric Soils


I.Tree Physiology and Tree and Shrub Identification
Know Your Trees , What Tree is it, Silvics Manual 1, Silvics Manual 2,
Tree Decay, Stem & Root Anatomy, Tree Biology 1, Tree Biology 2,
Morphology Diagram, Physiology of Trees

II.Forest Ecology
Forest Regeneration, Forest Ecology, Forest Succession, Asian Long Horned Beetle,
Early Successional Forest Ecosystem, Northeastern Forest Regeneration Handbook,
Asian Longhorn Beetle or Whitespotted Sawyer, Forest Tent Caterpillar,
Dutch Elm Disease, Beach Bark Disease, Emeral Ash Borer, Spruce Beetle,
Sudden Oak Death, Scleroderris Canker of Northern Conifers, Invasive Plants Field GuideEcology of Dead Wood

III.Sustainable Forest Management
Harvesting & Forest Management, Silvicultural Systems, Tree Scale Stic,
How Much Lumber in That Tree, Managing Forest for Wildlife & Compatible Uses
for Wildlife

IV.Uses of Trees and Woods
Community Foresty, Community Forests Report, Values of Community Forests,
Management Planning

Additional Resources:
Certification Matrix, Comparison Forest Certification Schemes, Understanding Forest Certification

Insect & Disease
Armillaria, Asian Longhorn Beetle, Awanted-Asian Longhorned Beetle of Beech Bank DiseaseIdentify & Manage Dutch Elm Disease

Global Forestry
Migrating Borel Forest

Forest Management
Management Plan First Step in Forest, Measuring the Volume with Scale Stick Standing Tree, Ohio State Fact Sheet, Selective Cutting, Silvics, Tree Planting & Site

Biltmore Sticks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Measuring Volume, When a Ruler Teacher

Tree Biology
Arbor Day Tree Anatomy, Arbor Day Tree Rings, Tree Ring Dating

Urban Forestry
Tree Care Info Benefits, Tree care Info Selection

Web links:
Silvics of North America
Northeastern Area Publications


I. Identification of NYS Species
Bats, Bear, Beaver, Bobcat, Canada Goose, Coyote, Deer, Eagles & Osprey, Fisher,
Foxes, Grouse, Herons, Mink & Muskrat, Otter, Owls, Pheasant, Rabbit, Raccoon,
Raptors, Shunk, Weasels, Wild Turkey, Woodcock, Woodpeckers, Woodrat,
Smithsonian Mammal Guide, Amphibians & Reptiles, Bluebird, Bog Turtle, Wild Turkey,
Wetland Mammals, Ringneck, Grassland Birds, Bats, Small Mammals, Large Mammals,
Eastern Bluebird, Cottontail, Flying Mammals, Marine Mammals, Birds, Insects, Tracks,
Track Card, Age of Deer, Mammal Skulls, Skulls & Teeth, Hinterland Who’s Who

II.Wildlife Ecology
NE Wildlife, Wildlife Ecology, EarlySuccessional Habitat, Management Considerations,
American Woodcock Habitat BMPs, Habitat Disturbance, Backyard Habitat, Mortality
Fact Sheet Crypsis-Mimicry, Biodiverstity, Biodiversity Brochure, Climate Change and
Bio Diversity

III.Wildlife Conservation and Management
Managing Whitetail Deer in Urban NY, Hunting, Waterbird Fact Sheet, Songbird Fact Sheet, Deer Management, Whitetail Deer, Moose, Coyotes, Black Bear, Fields & Grassland Birds, Hayfields & Grassland Birds, 2011-2012 MGB Hunting Guide, 2011-2012 Hunting and Trapping Guide, Migratory Bird Fact Sheet

IV.Issues Involving Wildlife and Society
Nuisance & Invasive, Delisting, Recovery, Endangered, Karner Blue Butterfly,
Current NY T&E List, Extirpated, NE Cottontails, HCP, Critical Habitat,
What You Can Do, NY Wildlife Diseases, Bird Flu

Additional References
Bird Guide, Photo Gallery, Food Chain, Artificial Nesting, Biodiversity, Cool Season Grasses, Cropfield, Freshwater Wetland, Habitat Issue, Old Field, Pages from Damageid Complete, Pasture & Hayland, Riparian, Snags, Urban Management, Wetland Woodland, Planting Trees,Blackbirds, Bluejay, Bob White, Cardinal, Chicks & Creeps, Chipmunk, Crows & Ravens,
Diving Ducks, Dove, Elk, Finches, Flycatchers, Hummingbird, Kingfisher, Mallard, Mice &Moles, Mockingbird, Nighthawk, Opossum, Porcupine, Puddle duck, Rails, Shews, Snowgoose, Snowshoe, Squirrels, Swallows, Tanagers, Thrushes, Towhee,
Tundra Swan Turkey, Vireos, Vultures, Warblers, Woodchuck, Werns, Woodduck,
Water Fowl