Go Green in 2017 Challenge to Sodus Point

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Drew Starky

Talking Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens at the Village of Sodus Point event

The Wayne County Soil & Water Conservation District is challenging local landowners and businesses to improve their impact on local ecosystems and water quality of Sodus Bay by implementing green infrastructure concepts that will reduce their individual nutrient and sediment contributions within the watershed.

Concepts include:
Managing Stormwater
. Rain collection systems – Rain Barrels & Rain Gardens
. Flow paths – running roof water across vegetative areas before the street
. Animal Wastes – collecting and disposing of pet wastes into trash receptacles
. Washing vehicles on the lawn – provides water for the lawn and allows the soaps and solvents to be filtered before entering the waterways.
Landscaping for water quality
. Using mulching lawn mower blades to recycle clipping into the lawn to build better soil and sod
. Composting leaves, sticks and other landscaping vegetation or water front vegetation
. Or making sure to include the materials in the Village wide pickup days
. Plant selection of new varieties for pollinator habitat and water/nutrient uptake
. Utilizing Village Compost and mulch as landscaping materials verses dyed mulches
. wood mulches help to fix nutrients in wood pieces if they are course ground verses mulching fines.
. landscaping gravels and fabric is also a nice way to manage drip trenches around foundations and basements
BBQing for Water Quality
. when holding a gathering, use paper and biodegradable silverware verses Styrofoam, plastic or waxed cups.
. or provide everyone their own glass to take home as a keep sake (many available at next to new shops or lawn sales)
.instead of disposable trays – rinse/wash reuse
Household cleaners and supplies
.check cleaners for biodegradable seal
. make sure to dilute cleaners for use & dispose in a grass area as a filter

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