Benthic Mat Building Classes – Register Today!

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Benthic Mats

Lake George residents setting down a benthic mat to help with weed control

Benthic Mat Building Classes
(Space is limited 12 participants per class)
July 2nd—3:00-5:00 & July 9th—6:00—8:00
Cost per person is $45.00
or call 315-946-4736

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A benthic mat (also known as a benthic barrier/weed mat/bottom screen) is a mat that is installed at the bottom of a body of water to prevent or inhibit the growth of aquatic plants. It consists of a dark fabric or material that blocks sunlight and is held against the bottom by weights. Without sunlight, plants cannot photosynthesize and do not grow.

Benthic mats can be up to 100% effective in controlling aquatic plants. Both nuisance weeds and invasive plant species can be controlled with this method. Existing vegetation can be removed or new vegetation growth can be prevented. This method is not selective and will target any sediment dependent species including: native aquatic plants, invasive aquatic plants, and bottom dwelling organisms.
Benthic mats are one of the safest and ecologically sound physical weed control techniques. The materials are relatively inexpensive and are usually effective for several years.


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